Through The Headscope

Words and Headscope Photos by Roger Neville-Neil

From Aural Innovations #19 (April 2002)

Through the Headscope
winding throughout the cosmos
transmitting life's voice

Like a pool of milk
creeping across midnight skies
a saucer of souls

Sliding across space
on silver snail trails
in the Milky Way

Sentient beings
encapsulated in flesh
time released godhood

Drifting through silence
spears lancing the universe
melting in its mouth

Dark halls of sleep
in the nave of the mind's eye
where waking lives echo

Pulsing techno beats
primitive tribal rhythms
(and) mating rituals

Suspended in space
frozen in the evening sky
like sparkling comets

Bonfires burning
gypsies dancing in moonlight
fireflies crackling

Lost constellations,
stars, and planets... pouring forth
precious streams of song

The suns play-- their way
sparkling in champaign bubbles
swimming in the sea

Sputtering silence
mute shadows leaping from flames
dying while we sleep

Hearing snowflakes fall
drifting between life and death
on cold winter nights

Monogrammed mushrooms
rolling in velvet-green moss
dreams spring as they fall

Silver apples
in beautiful moonlit trees
raised in other worlds

Music and feasting
on moonlit nights in Sidhe mounds
where magic abounds

Merlin advances
parting the translucent veils
weaved by magic spells

Converging lifelines
parallel universes
folded in space-time

Like China dolls
so delicate and fragile
so fertile and sweet

Grinning debutantes
reclining across billboards
streaked with rain soaked tears

Phosphorescent sparks
fired from jaguar eyes
igniting the soul

Foam shining on the seashore
as pure as pearls
on a honeymoon

Votive offerings
benevolent exchanges
in rivers of song

Cool whispering mists
breathing celestial fire
from vast star clusters

Wisps of candle smoke
lingering beyond the flames
where waxing lives dream

Spiralling branches
spreading from the Tree of Life's
zodiac temples

Dripping orbs of light
seeping from the Milky Way
spiritual insight

Bright flaming crimson
tulip scented explosions
at Ramona's feet

Beneath azure eyes
emerald enchantress's
lips blossom in song

Tiki torches
blazing paths throughout the night
swaying asteroids

Light and energy
flowing in the Earth and sky
eternal rivers

Caverns of the heart
pierced by swift shafts of sunlight
found in black forests

Chalice at the Cross
blinding light and blood-red stone
visions of Myrddin (Merlin)

Flaming twin serpents
striking the stars in his eyes
inhaling his soul

Bone-white knuckles
spirits layered like onions
beneath his skin

Silver sea dragons
boiling ocean wave crests
churning in the sea

Transmitters of light
conduits of the soul
temples made of flesh

Iridescent gems
blazing with solar fire
the heart's desire

Blinding explosions
dying afterimages
melting in the mind

Floating in the skull
awash in timeless beauty
absorbed in jest

Headscope Sangreal
flowing from golden chalices
shining as their suns

-Nostra-Rogus 2002 A.D.

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