Nebula and El Caco - Stengade 30, KÝbenhavn 3/1/02

From Aural Innovations #19 (April 2002)

I went to the show alone but met up with the Nebula bass player Mark, and we sat in the dressing room with Anders (from On Trial) and talked. Met the El Caco guys, who were very quiet. Rubin came in and he said "High Scott, the California man". Always great to see these guys. We all chatted for awhile and I drank some of their 7 year old Havana club rum. This made my throat feel a lot better. Henrik was going to record tonight on 16 track ADAT, which was great. When the doors opened I went up to see who was around and saw lot of my friends (Peter, Jesper and Marie, Morten Jensen and his wife, Jennett and her girlfriend, Jonas, Nik, etc.).

El Caco started about 10:45 and during the first minute of the first song, the singer (also the bass player) got electrocuted by the microphone. He was really freaked. The show stopped for ten minutes while they got it sorted out. He made the mistake of touching the mic a 2nd time and got zapped again. It was a strange coincidence as I was talking with Mark about the on stage accidents he had had and he told us a great story of tripping over his wire and flying backwards into the monitor and smashing his shoulder. I asked him if he had ever been electrocuted as when Girlschool was here last weekend, Kim, had been electrocuted at a show in Denmark and had to go to the hospital. He had not but now the singer from El Caco gets some electricity. Anyway, the band started again after 10 minutes. They have a good groove but a sound very much like Kyuss and a lot of those Swedish group like Lowrider, the Awesome machine. No guitar soloing at all. The crowd seems to get into the groove. I could not find anything that interesting in their music. The song Space Station was pretty cool. They played about 40 minutes. I should mention, I did like the way the drummer played.

The Nebula guys were really partying tonight and perhaps like always when they are in Denmark. They always have good shows here and play quite well. They like it here a lot. Perhaps we can talk them into recording a record here one day. They opened the show with Do It Now. A great opening song. It is noticeable much louder than El Caco and they have a great sound tonight. Adam, a Californian as well, he is doing the sound. I met him earlier. They play a cool selection of songs tonight. Quite a bit different than the last time they were here. Some like Travelin' Mans Blues, Sun Creature, Too The Center, You Mean Nothing, Giant, etc. I was really rocking out and enjoying their set a lot. This is total high energy rock and roll. Ed plays his ass off as does the rest of the band. I have the recording set up at the back of the hall and unfortunately, I don't check it until 49 minutes as I am really into the show and it has been vibrating like hell and is up to 33 tracks and I stop it and it fails to write the table of contents, so all is lost. I start it again and place it under my sweater and all is fine. I get the last 28 minutes of the show, including, All The way, which I requested and Rubin dedicates to me. Very cool. They play quite a few old ones now with Down The Highway and ending the show with Vulcan Bomber. They also played two new songs tonight, one was called Rocket. I think this was the best I have ever heard Nebula. I hope that the 16 track recording came out well.

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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