The Atomic Bitchwax - "Spit Blood"
(Meteor City 2002, MCY-020)

From Aural Innovations #19 (April 2002)

The Atomic Bitchwax return with their third CD, consisting of new songs, early works, and a cover of AC/DC's "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap". "Liquor Queen" is an alternate version of the track from the bands last album. It's an ass kicking powerhouse instrumental tune that brings back the very best memories of 70's power trio heavy rock. "Cold Day In Hell", "Spit Blood" and "Get Your Gear" are the new songs. "Cold Day In Hell" is an excellent Stoner bluesy heavy rock instrumental with killer guitar from Ed Mundell, with the last couple minutes soaring into a beautifully stoned cosmic space realm. The title track is another great Stoned out heavy space tune. The liner notes call this an experiment that the band will probably never do live. I'm not sure why... this is some of the Bitchwax's most tripped out music. Brain crushing but in a mindfucked meditational way. And "Get Your Gear" is a pounding headbanger with thud-in-yer-chest crunchy guitar and beats. "Black Trans-Am" and "U Want I Should" were both recorded back in 1996 but never released. The former is a heart pounding Stoner space metal tune with some of the most killer guitar on the album and cool freaky UFO synths. And "U Want I Should" is probably the most fiery song on the disc. This instrumental blazes along at WARP drive pace!

Yup... 33 minutes of music. What? Not enough? Well stick this enhanced puppy in your computer for loads of multimedia fun. We've got a Nod Zine documentary of the making of Spit Blood with session notes, an interview with Ed, and shitloads of mp3's. Granted, they're mostly for diehard fans but there's some cool stuff here. Warm-up jams, alternate takes, solos, overdub bits, and multiple outtake version of tracks. Maybe a bit much but it's good listening for those interested in getting into the process of making a record. Finally there's a bonus Meteor City sampler disc with tracks by The Mushroom River Band, Orquesta del Desierto, Slaprocket, Eternal Elysium, The Ribeye Brothers, Solace, and Lowrider.

In summary, you may be justified in accusing The Atomic Bitchwax of being retro, but the fact is they rank among the best when it comes to 70's styled heavy rock. Highest recommendation to fans of the genre.

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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