Bevis Frond - "What Did For The Dinosaurs" (Woronzow 2001, WOO50)

From Aural Innovations #19 (April 2002)

This is Nick Saloman's latest musical offering to the world and somehow Nick always manages to create a series of very personal rock songs that one can find new and exciting. Yes.. it still sounds like Bevis Frond. Those distinct vocals, catchy melodies and some ripping guitar leads (but in smaller doses than the past). He is backed up one again by Adrian Shaw on bass, Andy Ward on Drums and Bari Watts pops in to rip up the fretboard. The opening track is one of the best Nick has written in years. A great acoustic opening with organs, sitar guitar, horns and great lyrics. What a great song!!!!!!!! A really good mix of Nicks signature pop songs like "The Wrong Side", "Silver Dart", "Hold Me Up", "Inhibition Twist" and good time rock and roll with "Yo-De-Lo" and more harder rocking stuff like the great "Breathe Out", "The Real Deal", acoustic numbers like "Lost Soul's Day", "Down To Earth" and "Our Number". You have to listen to the great lyrics on "Nursery Rhyme"! Fantastic stuff. "God Enough For You" has the rawest and hardest hitting riff on the record and the great bass lines of Ade really come through on this one. Of course, Bari comes along for the ride as well. The record ends with the fantastic "Dustbins In The Rain". What can you say... Nick has done it again. A great collection of music. Thanks Nick.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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