BABY WOODROSE - Stengade 30, KÝbenhavn March 23, 2002

From Aural Innovations #19 (April 2002)

Baby Woodrose is the drummer from On Trials new solo band. He recorded all the instruments on the CD himself but here has recruited Anders (guitar player from On Trial) and Anders on drums. This must have been their 5th or 6th concert in KÝbenhavn and I have missed them all for various reasons. But not tonight. I showed up a little early and no one was around so I thought perhaps they would be at Route 66 (A vinyl only store), a few blocks away. Sure enough, Guf, Anders and Anders were all there with Ralph just drinking beer, smoking and listening to all kinds of strange records from DM Bob and the Deficits, Fu Manchu, Sweatmaster, Masters of Reality, Dr. John, the Heads, etc. We hung out for like 45 minutes and then walked back to the show. I spoke to Guf about Pandemonica and the new Baby Woodrose material.

The band started at 11:15 and the place was 1/3 full now. I would guess about 140 people showed up. I saw a lot of the people that I know... Morten Sporten, Henrik, Lars, Michael, etc... Guf put on his Fender Jaguar guitar and yelled out "Baby Woodrose blows your Mind!", and went straight into "Flash On You". We were in the late 60's rocking out now... Anders, the lead guitar player from On Trial, plays guitar in this band as well but he has it tuned so that it sounds like a bass, even though he plays it like a guitar. Great garage drumming by Anders as well. "What A Burn" from the Blows Your Mind CD was next. The band played a lot of new songs and most were between 2 and 3 minutes. The crowd was really into the 60s psychedelic rock sound. "Everythings Gonna Be" sounds like a 13th Floor Elevator song or Standells. Great stuff and Guf even played some lead guitar. No long jams tonight though. "You Own It", a new song, was next. Actually, quite a lot of songs were played that are not on the CD. "Pandora" and "Caught In A Whirl" followed. "Double Six" was a really cool song, a downbeat number with a spy movie theme style surf guitar. "Money For Soul" was a total 60's rock and roll number. "Never Coming Back" is a great new song. I love the guitar riff. "After Honeydripper" and "Living In A Dream, a fantastic song called "Boogaloo", could be an On Trial song as the riff is quite heavy. "Nobody Spoils My Fun" is also very On Trial like but a great song. Guf played a slow beautiful ballad called "That's How Strong (My Love Is)", probably for his girl Kate! The set closed with "Hang Up". The band came back and played one encore, another new song called "Volcano", a heavy rocker. A great 60s rock and roll show for 55 minutes. I was hoping for a little jamming but not tonight. I look forward to seeing the band again. The gatefold vinyl release of Blows Your Mind will be out in April on Animal Records out of Spain.

Set List: Flash on You, What a Burn, Everythings gonna Be Alright, You own it, Pandora, Caught in a Whirl, Double Six, Money for Soul, Never coming back, Honeydripper, Living a Dream, Boogaloo, Nobody Spoil, That's how Strong, Volcano, Hang Up

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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