Pandemonica - "III" (Pan 777 Records)

From Aural Innovations #18 (January 2002)

This is the 3rd release of solo material by Guf, the drummer in On Trial. This material was recorded over the past 10 years on 4 track and Guf plays all the instruments (like on Baby Woodrose). This music is deeply psychedelic and very dark, not for the faint hearted amongst us. The record sleeve is black with the devil on the front. The only information on the back is the song titles and Pan Records 777. Simple. The Truth starts the record and is a cool song with an eastern style sitar guitar like sound and Guf singing. Dying To Live is a song much like you might hear on the Baby Woodrose CD but only Guf on guitar and singing. Quite dark. The Venusian Fire Suite is a longer song with tabla drum percussion and a very 60's sounding psychedelic song. Guf's vocals have had the pitch radically changed giving it a very eerie sound. Side b is one long psychedelic voyage with Heaven's Gate that starts with a great piano line and Guf singing. The freakout comes in the middle and then Guf brings you back... Wow... Some very interesting psychedelic music from a very talented guy. Check it out soon as I think only 300 of these were made.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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