Notes From Space:

By Jerry Kranitz

From Aural Innovations #18 (January 2002)

Greetings and welcome to the January 2002 issue of Aural Innovations. This marks the beginning of our FIFTH year of publication. WOW!!! Who woulda thunk it? Not only are we still alive and kickin', but we have continued to grow. 2001 was a VERY busy year in which I had to beef up the reviewing staff, and added several new radio shows, including Alchemical Radio, produced by our friends at Stone Premonitons, and the Kozmik Ken Experience, produced by Kozmik Ken of Delerium Records.

Well I've got loads to talk about, but this issue has been a monster to prepare and assemble and I'm still trying to get it out the door. I would, however, like to make a special plug for one of this issue's features... Tales Of The ACTION MAN: Shadow Of Motörhead, by Roger Neville-Neil. Roger has what must be the most unique style of concert coverage in the world, and I feel fortunate that he's chosen Aural Innovations to submit these stories to. Roger has written several to date which you can find on the AI alpha index page. But if you haven't read any of them yet then hopefully this issue's Motörhead tale will encourage you to take the plunge. These stories are a riot and about as good a read as you'll find anywhere. And for those of you who are thinking to yourselves... I know that name... I know that name... Roger wrote the lyrics to Hawkwind's "Heads" and "The War I Survived" and his "Raven Swallows The Moon" poem was the inspiration for Farflung's Raven That Ate The Moon CD. So do yourselves a favor and check out his Action Man stories, starting with the Motörhead story in the issue you're about to plunge yourself into.

Also, starting this year I'm going to get on the same publishing schedule that the old printed AI was on... January, April, July, and October. Ok, gotta dash and finish this beast.

My biggest thanks to those who contributed to this issue:

Jeff Fitzgerald
Chuck Rosenberg
Keith Henderson
Scott Heller
Doug Pearson
Doug Walker
Rashad Salahuddin
Roger Neville-Neil
Anish Bhatia
Albert Pollard
Frank Gingeleit

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