Everything Must Go - "Hall Of Mysteries"
(Submergence 2001, sub-0052)

From Aural Innovations #18 (January 2002)

Everything Must Go is the duo of brothers Rob and Russ Giffen, who first came to my attention as members of avant-space kings Escapade. When Escapade were here in Columbus, Ohio for the Quarkspace 2000 festival, the brothers gave me a copy of their 1995 Unfold CD, an impressive work that would satisfy all fans of electronic space music. Though Hall Of Mysteries is a new release, the recordings are actually from live performances in 1996 and 1997, making the music more contemporary with that heard on the Unfold CD. But this is a mere detail as the music is among the finest space electronica of the past decade. The Giffen's brand of electronic space is accessible, but adventurous. It's floating and meditative, but there's a range of influences including the early 70's German pioneers like Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, and traces of Pink Floyd. The music also has a majestic progressive rock feel at times, due to the heavy symphonic sounds that are used.

At 35 and 26 minutes respectively, the two tracks on the CD have plenty of room to grow and develop, evolving continually rather than slowly nurturing a handful of themes. This isn't to say the music is rushed... the duo follow a decisive path that takes numerous twists and turns, each shifting smoothly and seamlessly. Simple themes are often layed down and allowed to repeat, but there is so much else happening around them that the result is complex, but subtly so. But the intensity bursts the mercury, particularly on "Opus Listatum", which reaches screaming levels of power and feverish passion.

In summary, if you enjoy electronic space music but like to be challenged with music that will reward your undivided attention, then Everything Must Go have plenty to offer. The listener can go on a journey of discovery, additional tidbits revealing themselves in subsequent listens, or simply float along and enjoy the ride. And the sound quality is impressive given that these were recorded during live performances. Put on the headphones, secure yourself in your spacecraft, and prepare for the most cosmic of journeys.

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Note that Hall Of Mysteries is a limited CDR release of only 50. So you'd better hurry!
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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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