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Aural Innovations issue #18 (January 2002)

This issue is dedicated to the memories of Michael Karoli, Florian Fricke, and George Harrison

Notes From Space (Editorial)

Aural Innovations Staff Picks for Best of 2001

Band Profiles/Interviews

Ozric Tentacles

Harvey Bainbridge

Djam Karet

Peter Frohmader

Nine Days' Wonder

Into The Abyss

Electric Orange

Greg Segal

Scattered Planets


The Strange Daze 2001 Space Rock Festival

Strange Daze 2001 Photo Gallery

Tales Of The ACTION MAN: Shadow Of Motörhead

What Exactly Comes After Post-Rock? Part Three of an Audio Journey: The Droners

Gnawing Medusa's Flesh: The Science Fiction Poetry Of Robert Calvert (BOOK)

US SPACEROCK: A Brief and Personal History by a Participant (Part 1 1975-2001)

Free-Improv Case Studies: Bret Hart's Duets Series


Live Recordings and Shows

Classics Revisited

Recent Releases from Submergence

Recent Releases from Beta-Lactam Ring Records

Releases from Mizmaze Records

Recent Alien Planetscapes Releases and Reissues

Recent Releases From Burning Shed/Headphone Dust

Recent Releases from Orange Entropy Records

Recent Releases from Meteor City

Recent Releases from the W.O.O. Clan

Recent Releases from Slutfish Records

Recent Releases from Cuneiform Records

Recent Releases from Jester Records

Recent Releases from Zzaj Productions

Recent Releases from Accretions

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Reissues from Get Back

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General Reviews