Rock din Radio, DR Musikhuset, Frederiksberg, Denmark 9/21/01 (free outdoor protest concert)
with Suck a Bug, On Trial, Screaming Eric and the Erections, and more

From Aural Innovations #18 (January 2002)

Suck A Bug

This was a free concert with five bands each playing approximately 30 minutes. The purpose was to protest the lack of real alternative (non-commercial-pop) music on the radio. There were some speakers to start and then each band played 30 minutes. I just showed up to see On Trial but caught most of the Suck a Bug set as well. There was about 200 or more people there and it was a lot of the same crowd that would come see On Trial, Gas Giant, etc. I knew a lot of people. Suck a Bug had a full time guitar player this time which was great. This really added to their sound. In the past they have been just keyboards (highly modified), drums and a singer with a guest guitar player on some songs. Now they were much more powerful and pretty cool. The singer is very much in the punk style but the music is not as aggressive. They had a guest female vocalist on one song as well. Cool stuff.

On Trial

On Trial were next and opened with a very spaced out version of Slippin' Slidin' that was like 10 minutes! Next up was the heavy Downer. The sound was great but they were too loud. Wow. Bo is so tall he had to stand to the left (our left) of the stage as this was the only part that was not covered by a tent as he could not stand up under it very well. Henrik had a lot of problems with his guitar strap but seemed to manage. Next was a very quick version of Miles Away. This song seems to be getting shorter and shorter. House is not a Hotel by Love and their classic Blood Butterfly and it was over. Wow... they sounded really great. Anders was totally into the guitar he was playing. Excellent stuff.

I had a small chat with the Gas Giant guys before and after and went straight home. Later that night the event was too continue at Loppen with 5 or 6 other bands including Hot Rod Moses, Knællert, etc.

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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