Space Probe Taurus - Demo 2001 (Sweden)

From Aural Innovations #17 (September 2001)

Space Probe Taurus have really kept at it over the past few years and have finally got a few things to surface. The band appeared on the Black Widow Records Blue Cheer Tribute CD with an excellent 'Second Time Around'. The Insect City 7" record has just come out on Slow Ride Records (See review this issue). This new material was recorded and mixed in 3 days back in May and starts with 'Dig the Lizard', which sees the band going for a much cleaner, less fuzzed out sound. The song reminds me of Nebula. Before the bands material was much more like the first early Monster Magnet 7" records. 'Psi-Burn' is next and has a very cool bass line and guitar riff. The vocals are fuzzed out but this song really grooves. Cool stuff. 'Crystal Mountain Revolution' is next and has a great fuzzy spacey guitar like something Dave W. might come up with if he started taking drugs again! Great song. 'Black Mars' has that old aggressive Monster Magnet feel to it but is not as raw and has a rather clean production. I think this material would really kick some ass if the band had recorded it in a real studio. Very promising stuff! Great band. Play this stuff LOUD.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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