Nostra-Rogus Speaks: Predictions?

by Roger Neville-Neil

From Aural Innovations #17 (September 2001)

Like a pool of milk
creeping across midnight skies
a saucer of souls

Blinded by the light
suddenly sailing in fright
like a deer in the night

People don't believe
they only wish to deceive
themselves and others

Above the world
circling the mountaintops
aerie eagle eyes

Sunbeams in dark skies
honey on blackberry jam
in yellow jackets

Gold and silver stars
shining by day and by night
pooling their rich light

White marshmallow foam
topping chocolate mountains
with full lunar domes

Silver feathers
floating over pastel seas
reflecting in a breeze

Water from the land
fire from the atmosphere
knowledge from restraint

Bleached ivory trees
all along the timberline
like driftwood in ice

Early morning lies
they're just sprawling across the bed
chasing idle dreams

A camera bulb flash
exploding into flower
lightning and shadows

-Nostra-Rogus 2001 A.D.

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