Census Of Hallucinations - "5"
(Stone Premonitions 2001, SPCD029)

From Aural Innovations #17 (September 2001)

Five CD's in two years!! These folks have LOADS of music in their souls just busting to get out. And bust out they do. The fifth release from Census Of Hallucinations features the usual mix of well crafted music, mind boggling great songwriting, and the unmistakable vocal beauty of Tim Jones and Terri~B. Census Of Hallucinations are psychedelic but clearly in their own way. They drift and float with a unique Census sound, Tim and Terri's vocals playing no small role in this effect. "Spiral Arms", "Love Is The Answer", and "Father's Day" are great examples, including angelic vocals, orchestral backdrops, and absolutely beautiful guitars. In fact, this may have some of the best guitars I've heard on a Census disc yet. Newcomer Martin Holder joins Tim on guitar, a name Stone Premonitions followers will know from Tim and Terri's Body Full Of Stars project. Listen closely and you'll hear the magic of this combo reveal itself throughout the CD, their two styles distinct, but coming together to add a subtle complexity to the most accessible of songs.

Among the CD's other highlights is "The General Erection", in which politicians are either sticking it up the people's ass as they usually do or they're getting the big one up their own for a change. Either way Census Of Hallucinations takes its usual shot at the fools that rule in this funky psychy tune. "Land Of Mirrors", "The Gremlin Song", and "Death Row" are the heavy rockers of the set. "Land Of Mirrors" mixes Terri's gorgeous vocals with some ripping grungy guitar notes and I liked the mini freakout guitars at the end. "The Gremlin Song" is a stomping anthem styled rocker. And "Death Row" has got to be the most metallic shredding rocker I've heard from the Stone Prem folks yet. Don't let 'em put ya in "the chair"... zap!!!!!

In summary, Census Of Hallucination has churned out yet another great set of cosmically enchanting music and songs. Throughout the CD's 12 tracks I was continually reminded that these folks could get some serious airplay if the opportunity presented itself. If you haven't checked them out yet then this is as good as any place to start. For a long time I favored the first Census release as it has some of their most overtly spacey and freaky music. But over time I've come to prefer the coherence of their subsequent CD's and to appreciate their unique brand of psychedelia.

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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