Wade Coldwater - "Minotaur On Toast"
(Ear-Relevant Records 2001, er001)

From Aural Innovations #16 (June 2001)

Asteroid Schoolhouse guitarist Wade Coldwater steps out on his own for a guitar and space noise/electronic set that really held my attention with its avant space wildness packaged in a thematic presentation and feel. Many of the tracks are brief noise and ambience pieces that utilize sounds in a way that communicates a soundtrack of the Minotaur's story, whatever that might be. Guitars, electronics, and all manner of sounds combine in the same freaky but organized constructions that I hear on the Asteroid Schoolhouse CDs.

Other than the more spaced out tracks there are other standouts. "Minotaur On Toasted Roll", "Minotaur On Toast - w - Pickle Wedge & Soggy Chips", and "Intersection Stomp" all feature John Fahey styled acoustic guitar workouts. "Intersection Stomp" gets a little wilder being more rockin' and is given a tripped out edge with the addition of multiple sound samples. "Public Service Announcement" is a dark piece that sounds like the avant-rock soundtrack to a silent film or theater production. Like the album as a whole, the sounds and guitar seem to be developing a story or some events. "HEADLINE: Minotaur Wounds Self" is a slow, rumbling, atmospheric tune with lazy bluesy, but trippy guitar, and some grungier guitar to supplement it. Kind of like a darker and noisier version of a Manuel Göttsching tune. But like "Public Service Announcement", there's a real sense of imagery and development. "A Fallen Angel Feather" is similar, but with a trio of guitars. It's atmospheric in a Frippoid way, but it's also got that drugged bluesy feel heard across the album. Intriguing contrasting styles that come together in a sort of meandering but linear guitar symphony.

I launched right into this disc after reviewing the two most recent Asteroid Schoolhouse discs so I was in the perfect frame of mind for this glom of lo-fi avant-space-guitar-improv... you name it... good fun freakiness.

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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