Judge Trev - "Revolution and Rebellion"
(Real Festival Music 2001, REALCD 001)

From Aural Innovations #16 (June 2001)

There's lots of goodies on Judge Trev's Real Festival Music label, including the upcoming Vagina project with Trev, Ron Tree, and Dino Ferari. Revolution and Rebellion compiles fun tunes from the Atomgods and I.C.U.

The only previous opportunity I'd had to hear any Atomgods tracks was on the Judgement & Thunder cassette on Music + Elsewhere from a few years back. Trev clued me in that the first Atomgods album was released in 1989 (approx) on GWR Records and had a lineup of Trev, Hiro Sasaki, and Kofi Baker (Ginger Bakers son). The second album was released around 1992 on Communique Records and included Trev, Algy Ward, Steve Clark, and Bill Leisegang. The Atomgods tracks are "Atlantic Waves", "Dolfins", "Bashin Up The Rich", and "China". The first 3 are kick ass heavy rockers. But "China" is nearly 9 minutes of total balls-to-the-wall speed metal with mucho shredding guitar licks. This sucker will make you sweat.

The CD also includes 7 tracks from Inner City Unit, probably the most fun band in the Hawkwind universe. Songs include "Cars Eat With Auto Face", "Blue Rinse Haggard Robot", "Bildeborg", "Skinheads In Leningrad", "Rituals And Sodomy", "Dog Rot", and "Battle Of The Trees". Most of the tracks illustrate the heavier punked out side of I.C.U., although "Blue Rinse Haggard Robot" is representative of their more whimsical new wavey punkish songs. And "Battle Of The Trees" is the standout track, being a killer example of metallic space punk. A nice compilation. Even if you've already got the full I.C.U. library it's worthwhile for the Atomgods tunes alone.

For more information you can visit the Real Festival Music web site at: http://realfestivalmusic.co.uk/.
Contact via snail mail c/o Real Festival Music; 34a Upper Lewes Road; Brighton, East Sussex; BN23FH; UK.

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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