Grencsó Kollektíva Plusz - "Seven Songs to the Last Mohicans" (Bahai CDB 065 Hungary 2001)

From Aural Innovations #16 (June 2001)

This Hungarian band is lead by Istvan Grencsó on tenor and soprano saxophones. He is backed up by drums, guitar, cello, double bass and Hegedü plus three different vocalists. As you can tell this is jazz, but I would say it is quite strange at most times and challenges the listener and I quite enjoyed the CD. The first number (First Song) is very strange, mostly squeaks, noises and some strange voices. The second part of First Song has a more rock format to it with Istvan laying down some cool sax. The guitar is quite cool. The first part of Second Song starts with 3 minutes of some Gregorian Chant like vocals. The second part of Second Song sounds like some Miles Davis but played with sax. Istvan works on some sax layers as well. Third Song starts with some plucking bass notes on the double bass and female vocals. The guitar slowly works in and the percussion as well. Then Istvan plays some very nice sax. Forth Song starts with a sample of a small child and some turntable scratching by DJ Mango and DJ Shuriken. The female vocalist begins some chanting and then the bass layers in with scratching. Very interesting. I won't go on to describe the whole CD but I found this to be a very interesting release. Check it out at

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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