Edition Neumann - "Not Delivered" (self-released 2000, multi-media CDR)
Edition Neumann - "From East To West" (self-released 2000, multi-media CDR)

From Aural Innovations #15 (April 2001)

Edition Neumann is Seigfried Grundmann-Neubert, a German musician, producer, multi-media artist, music teacher, and indie distributor. The Edition Neumann catalog indicates Siggi has an extensive output of releases covering a variety of styles from ambient electronic, techno/rave, jazz, rock, and much more I'm sure. In terms of length, both these discs are technically CDEP's, but they also include mp3 versions of each song and videos of the songs that can be played on Windows Media Player. A couple of the videos are a little corny, but others are really nice visual experiences that compliment the music nicely.

Not Delivered has 7 tracks that incorporate jazz, space ambient, funk, and dance influences plus lots of fun freaky electronics. "Goin' To New York" is a get down funky tune with a simple guitar riff could have gone on forever. Rushing waves of electronics and wailing sax (electronic?) keep things kickin' and the guitar keeps the atmosphere rockin' and the bass deep in a funky groove. "Short Line" is lounge jazzy and spacey ambient. Like sultry Sade in the cosmos. Gorgeous! On "You're So Sexy" blazing freaky dance electronics set the pace, accompanied by the jazz sax that seems to be a trademark of this disc, boppin' piano, chanting female vocals, and is peppered liberally with other fun electronics. "Hands" and "Not Delivered" are both freaky jazzy hip-hoppy tunes. For "You And I" Siggi explores gospel and soul, but musically this is also one of the fullest and most complexly structured tracks on the disc. I was disappointed it was only 2 minutes and would have liked to have heard it developed a bit more. "Close Your Eyes" closes the set with multiple layers of bubbly dancey electronic patterns and the sax keeps the pace blazing along for a freaky rave party in the cosmos.

From East To West is stylistically similar but only has 3 tracks. The title track has a space ambient backdrop, bouncey electro patterns, a little turntable scratching, and intermittent rapping vocals. An interesting combination of influences. "My World" is similar. The electronics keep the pace and there's plenty of bleeps and burps, though it's more of a hip-hoppy jazz rock tune. "Together Forever" is total funk like "Goin To New York" on Not Delivered". Love that guitar and Barry White vocals. There's lots happening here and listening with headphones I was assaulted from all directions by a banquet of music and sound. Great tune!

In summary, I really enjoyed Siggi's combination of jazz, dance, and funk with wild electronics that kept everything creatively freaky. And all of these songs are very well constructed and produced so the man clearly knows his way around the studio.

For more information you can visit the Edition Neumann web site. There are LOADS of mp3's available for you to check out.
Contact via snail mail c/o Seigfried Grundmann-Neubert; Grüner Hang 26; D-48151 Münster; Germany.

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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