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News For April 2001

From Aural Innovations #15 (April 2001)

Submergence Music News: Various Artists: FLUORESCENT TUNNELVISION (2 CD set)
Psych Rock, Space Rock, Electronics & more! A followup to 1999's highly successful Turn Century Turn compilation, this double CD release features some of the most adventurous & creative music around today. Exclusive tracks by Faust, Mushroom, SubArachnoid Space, Djam Karet, F/i, Circle, Escapade, Quarkspace, Oranj Climax, Volcano the Bear, Melodic Energy Commision, Ektroverde, 2012 (from Russia - Connections with Ole Lukkoye), Zelany Rashoho (also from Russia), Tombstone Valentine, Tree Sine (with Jussi Lehtisalo of CIRCLE) & Pseudo Buddha. RELEASE DATE: MAY 22, 2001.
For more information on this and releases by Conrad Schnitzer, Everything Must Go, and Asmus Tietchens you can visit the Submergence Music web site at: http://www.motherwest.com/submergence/home.html

Babylonian Tiles "Dyeing My Mind" Tour 2001:
May 19 - Austin, TX @ The Atomic Cafe w/Lucid Dementia
May 21 - Dallas, TX @ TBA w/Destination Venus
May 25 - Milwaukee, WI @ The Globe East w/Urn
May 26 - Chicago, IL @ US Beer Co, w/Urn
May 27 - Indianapolis, IN @ Festivilla
May 29 - Newport, KY @ The Southgate House
May 30 - Pittsburgh, PA @ The Memphis Lounge/Zythos
June 01 - Columbus, OH @ Madlab w/Quarkspace
June 02 - Cleveland, OH @ The Symposium w/Martyr Complex & Urn
June 03 - Rochester, NY @ TBA
June 11 - NYC, NY @ CBGB's Gallery/Alchemy
June 15 - Salt Lake City, UT @ TBA
More dates to be announced. Keep checking back at: http://www.babylonian-tiles.com.

The 2001 Burg Herzberg Open-Air festival will take play in Germany on July 19-22. The lineup includes Ozric Tentacles, Magma, Porcupine Tree, Pretty Things, Keef Hartley Band, Caravan, Anekdoten, Embryo, Birth Control, Korai Öröm, Kampec Dolores, and many more. For more information email Think Progressive at think.progressive@t-online.de.

The ProgDay festival in Chapel Hill, North Carolina may still continue. After last year's festival, organizer Peter Renfro announced that after 6 years he could no long suffer the financial burden of the festival and that 2000 would be the last. However, a group of diehards have been pooling their resources and efforts and at this point it seems that ProgDay will take place on Labor Day weekend 20001. Keep your eyes on http://www.progday.com for details.

The ProgPower Progressive & Power Metal festival will take place the first weekend of October 2001 in Sjiwa - Baarlo - The Netherlands. The lineup so far is Andromeda (Sweden), Anomaly (Holland), Aztec Jade (USA), Into Eternity (Canada), Pain Of Salvation (Germany), and Zero Hour (USA). Check http://www.progpower.com for details.

Quarkspace News: About 25 minutes of "Spacefolds 7" has been chosen. Our release date is May 1st. Generally, the music has a more organic, trippy feel than SF6. There aren't much techno-like pieces on this one. It's not a trend, just a reflection of what we have been spewing recently.
Our last performace at Madlab (Columbus, Ohio) was recorded to DAT, and I am supposed to have a CD-R of the show sent to me. Maybe I will make mp3s and put them up on http://Quarkspace.com. The show features most of the new material off the next studio CD.
Speaking of the next studio CD, our latest working title is "Drop". It will feature 13 tracks... 5 vocal songs, 3 improvs, and 5 instrumentals. Most of the material is shorter and a bit more focused than the Hidden Moon. (once again, not a trend, just a reflection of where we are right now). The "big ol' song" of the album is "Blanket Hill" featuring Thom the World Poet doing his rap. We also are planning on having other significant spacerockers on this piece... including Dr. Synth, Ashwan Koz (Greg) from ArcMet, and anyone else who can make it to Chez Quarkspace before we mix and master this beast. The lads from the MoonDance Experiment will be helping with some vocal experiments we are working on for the CD. The release date is September 2001, and the CD will feature more artvurk from David Gulotta.
Once SF7 is "out the way", we are going finish the "choosing" and mastering of our upcoming CD/Comic Book release with hip artist Matt Howarth. (http://www.matthowarth.com).
Work continues on "Dance Party on Jupiter", a collection of remixes of the Q's more electronica like material. We are planning on putting this one out in the summer.

News from Joseph Benzola of Amanita Music: I am pleased to announce that my piece "Distant Memories" is going to be featured in a short Sci-Fi film called Sandtroopers. As a matter of fact, you will be able to view this film and more because it will be featured on the Science Fiction Channel's series Exposure. Tune in at these times:
Sunday, April 8th - 11pm Eastern
Friday, April 13th - 2am Eastern
For more info, you can go to the Exposure website at: http://www.scifi.com/exposure/onair
Distant Memories can be heard by going to http://www.mp3.com/amanitamusic.
While you are listening to Distant Memories, you can also listen to some new music which has been posted as well.

Update for Don Campau/ No Pigeonholes/ Lonely Whistle Music
PO Box 9162, Santa Rosa CA 95405
No Pigeonholes - the worlds longest running program of home tapers and small studio productions.Broadcasting to the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas on 91.5 FM KKUP in Cupertino California the second and fourth Sundays of every month from 3-5 PM. I want your music ANY STYLE. CDS , cassettes or vinyl. DO IT NOW.
Listen to No Pigeonholes archived in lo fi splendor: http://www.kkup.com/donc.html
No Pigeonholes is also heard occasionally on Radio Marabu, one of Europe's leading shortwave collective stations at: http://www.RadioMarabu.de.
Also now Real Audio at: http://www.radio-marabu.de/_shows/No_Pigeonholes.

KARDA ESTRA NEWS March 2001: It looks like 'Eve' will be released via Cyclops Records (as was my Lives And Times album 'There And Back Again Lane'), so this should really open up the world quite a bit more to Karda Estra. Possible release - June 2001?
Recently Karda Estra have got involved with a project with London based artist Sarah Varney. Sarah specialises in abstract and bodypainting, using acrylics and other water based paint. Unlike Yves Klein in the 60s who used models, Sarah covers herself in paint and impresses her body onto paper, canvas and board with amazing results. Karda Estra have provided the music for Sarah's arthouse film 'Signature' which premiered in London at the end of January. The film - which is just under 8 mins - is due to be featured on mainstream TV as well as being released as a video installation for an exhibition of Sarah's paintings later in 2001. The venue and date have yet to be confirmed. Sarah is a professional artist and a creative consultant and more details of her paintings and creative workshops can be seen at: http://www.wotsthebigidea.co.uk.
You can visit the Karda Estra web site at: http://www.geocities.com/kardaestra.
Hear music at the Karda Estra Mp3.com web site at: http://www.mp3.com/kardaestra.

Elsie and Jack / Mar/ino News: New aural compact delights for sale:
elsieandjackandnickdrake 'sculpting from drake'(e+j) (interpretations of Nick's songs from archer prewitt | au revoir borealis | the autumns w/ simon raymonde | ben vida | drekka | electroscope w/zurich | flashpapr | northern song dynasty (jessica bailiff + jesse edwards) | ray speedway | warn defever, 10 pounds.
Kawabata Makoto 'you are the moonshine'(mar/ino) sounds from the aether from Acid Mothers Temple guitarist, 8 pounds.
Outerdrive 'hallucinations' (mar/ino) beautiful free-flowing psych w/ brass, 8 pounds
'19 ways to avoid the draft' (airborne virus | mar/ino) w/ like millions | electroscope | steward | ms. black | static films | fed cast and the spiders from mars | empress | women | nylon coated cats | gang wizard | halkyn | karina esp | monera | [minmae] | drekka | cLOUDDEAD | moral crayfish | seaworthy, 8 pounds w/ incredible outsider artwork.
Coming soon: brume 'zona ventille' (e+j) the final brume release, 10 pounds.
'rewriting the book' double cd (e+j) w/ brume | disco operating services | drekka | pefkin | phosphene | brian lavelle | remote viewer | steward | hood | monera | v/vm | vir | wheaton research | fm synthesis | sirconical | bret gutzeit | princess dragonmom | volcano the bear etc, 12 pounds.
Remember: a free mar/ino complication cd to anyone who buys direct from us all cheques to: j rodriguez, 2 the cliff, seaton carew, hartlepool ts25 1ab, england.

Upcoming Releases from Sonic Unyon:
TRICKY WOO - Les Sables Magiques CD - out May 01, 2001
DIRTMITTS - s/t CD - out May 29, 2001
MAYOR McCA - Me Is He CD - out June 05, 2001
SIANSPHERIC - The Sound of the Colour of the Sun CD - out June 12, 2001
(all dates subject to change)
Current New Releases
FRANK BLACK AND THE CATHOLICS - Dog In The Sand CD - out now (Canada only)
CREEP DIVISION (members of Sick of It All/Good Riddance) - s/t CD - out now
(Canada only)
DINNER IS RUINED - Ray Charles Kinda Party CD - out now
SINCLAIRE - Attention Teenage Girls CD - out now
Visit the Sonic Unyon web site at: http://www.sonicunyon.com.

From David Cotner: (hertzlion@earthlink.net)
April 17 - 24, I go to Oslo as (with Mark Spybey of Dead Voices on Air, :zoviet*france:) and then back to London from April 24 - 30. The below mentioned date is the premiere of a string piece for orchestra (for which I shall be present) that I have written using a technique of my own invention, called literalism. I figure if (as one pundit put it) there are no more Stockhausens and Cages, I may as well pick up the gauntlet and dust it off, if only a little.
8P, The 12 Bar Club (£6)
Denmark Place
020 7916 6989 fon
(nearest tube: Tottenham Court Road)
http://www.12barclub.com for information.

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