ON TRIAL - Studenterhuset, København 11/17/00 Guest list

From Aural Innovations #14 (January 2001)

This was the first On Trial gig in Denmark since the summer and I was really looking forward to it as they were going to really change their set list for the first time in several years. The place was quite crowded and my friend Mads came over from Helsingborg in Sweden for the gig as he had bought the Psychedelic Freakout Party double LP from me. The guys in Gas Giant all showed up as well. They guy who does the great psychedelic lights for Elektrum was there as well. He did a superb job. The band opened with the slow spaced out Spacebird. Next up was the new song That's Right. This is a very short 2½ minute 60's style number. Excellent. They actually played this one back in June. Another new song, Blinded By The Sun, which starts with a riff similar to Tractor by Monster Magnet but then becomes a very cool more melodic 60's styles psych song. This was followed by Blood Butterfly from Head Entrance and sounded great. The whole band were playing very well. Bo was singing extremely well and Nik was jumping around like crazy. Henrik was very focused, while Anders was slowly grabbing some of Niks energy. Guf was Guf, always excellent. SO Close was next and this is sort of a ballad song, very similar to the song Kara Lynn from the unreleased Baby Woodrose CD. Sleeper was next, then the new song Downer. Wow… this song is heavy. Sounds like it should have been on Spine Of God. Excellent stuff. The band brought it back down with Doubt. Another heavy psychedelic number, Sonic Diver was next. Then, a short version of Human Twin. Often the band really stretches this number out. The last song of the set was Kolos, also a new number and very heavy with a long jam at the end.

The band was called back for an encore and they played the old opener Flashin'Ghast. Driver, another new one followed. I thought this was it for sure but they came back out and played a great version of Signed DC. Bo, sings this song so excellent. I like the way Bevis Frond play it but Bo sings it better. Great show. 90 minutes. The band recorded the whole thing on 8 track reel to reel. The guys said they had a good time as well. They hope to make a sort of promo out of the new material from this show.

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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