MOTORHEAD - Vega, KÝbenhavn 11/15/00 Backstage pass

From Aural Innovations #14 (January 2001)

This was a very special day. I got to interview Lemmy. I had met him briefly back in El Paso in 1981, when we saw Motorhead open for the Blizzard of Ozz (concert #30). That was a long time ago. Lemmy is pretty old now, nearly 55 but he sure does still have a good mind and quite a sense of humor. We had a great talk for 45 minutes. Nalle from KÝbenhavns Radio joined me but I did almost all the talking. (See interview this issue.)

As for the concert, they were excellent, perhaps better than in London. It was a shorter set but they did play one different number, Shoot you in the Back! Lemmy said they had never actually played this number live. The sound was very loud but the clearest I have ever heard for Motorhead. I really enjoyed this show a lot. It was sold out as well. I started the show up on the balcony, just as the band started with We are Motorhead from the new CD. They really rip through these first few songs - Bomber, No Class and I'm So Bad. Next was Over Your Shoulder and this is when they kicked everyone out of the balcony, so we had to go downstairs and squeeze in where it was very packed. I found a good spot on the raised floor portion of Vega just to the right of the mixer. Civil War really kicked ass and shows how good a drummer Mikkey Dee really is. Shoot you in the Back was a big surprise. It is one of the tracks from Ace of Spades I have always loved. Then another old one with Metropolis. God Save The Queen was a big crowd pleaser for sure. The crowd really enjoyed Born To Raise Hell but I have always thought this was a weak Motorhead song. Stay Out Of Jail is a fantastic new number. It has such an excellent guitar riff. Next was Sacrifice with the drum solo. I don't like drum solos but Mikkey is great. Orgasmatron was so heavy and dark and they used really cool lighting and the eyes in the large Motorhead monster backdrop shinned out in red. Nice effect. After a slow one the band ripped out with an ultra fast version of Going To Brazil. I was not sure if they had kept Damage Case in the set but they had. Excellent addition to the set. Iron Fist and Killed by Death. The encores were Ace of Spades and Overkill. Great show and LOUD as Motorhead.

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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