The MoonDance Experiment - "Your Movements"
(MmmDEee Records 2000, MDE002)

From Aural Innovations #14 (January 2001)

The MoonDance Experiment's sophomore effort expands upon and tightens the sound heard on last year's Fall Awake In Your Dream Tonight. The trio still consists of Nick Barger on keyboards and percussion, Scott Parsons on drums and guitar, and North Turner on vocals, bass, and percussion. Percussion remains integral to the band's sound, though the keyboards seem somewhat more prominent and there are several more memorable melodies on this new album. The promo material refers to the "experimental pop sound in an attempt to bring feeling back to music". Mission accomplished... feeling, emotion, and full blown passion emanate from every note and beat of Your Movements. North Turner's vocals are even more commanding here than on the last album, his high-pitched voice belting out the uplifting lyrics with fervor.

There are 24 tracks on the CD, and like the first album I remain unaware of individual songs or titles. Each song flows smoothly from one to the next and there are rarely pauses between tracks. The MoonDance Experiment create an experience that begins - and then ultimately ends - and it's difficult for me to single out individual portions as being distinct from the whole. This is equally so with their live performances. I've seen the band live several times now and everything I've described is felt many times over when the band bring the experiment to the stage. And I've finally learned (from the current promo sheet) that the multi-colored light helmet, wrapped with layer upon layer of Christmas lights, that Turner wears near the end of each performance is called a "Eureka Conception Machine". PLUG IN!

You can visit The MoonDance Experiment at their web site.
Contact via snail mail at PO Box 3315; Columbus, OH 43210.

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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