Matt And The Astronaughts - "s/t" (CDEP)

From Aural Innovations #13 (October 2000)

I'm afraid I can't tell you anything about this band as the CD came alone in an envelope with absolutely no information about the band. The song titles were stamped on the back of the envelope. An internet search turned up nothing as well. But though this is far more standard rock 'n roll than you'll typically read about in Aural Innovations, Matt And The Astronaughts do indeed rock... and rock hard. At various times I was reminded of The New York Dolls, early J. Geils Band, even the Yardbirds.

Rockers like "Low Maintenance Woman" recall the Yardbirds' heavier moments, but with perhaps a touch of rockabilly. The singer really does kind of sound like Keith Relf and the music has a non-stop garagy feel to it with guitars blasting out buzzsaw chords and a cool raw sax solo. "Good Girls?" is a bluesy good time pub rocker, this time reminding me of the New York Dolls. "Finally Got The Blues" and "What The Heck" reminded me a bit of George Thoroughbred, though the Astronaughts have a more welcome rawer and punkier feel.

Matt And The Astronaughts play red hot rockers that I'm sure gets the folks in Indiana bars dancing till dawn. If any of the analogies I gave intrigue you then you'll likely dig this disc. For me, though, 5 songs and 15 minutes, as good as they are, was quite enough. I can only handle so much standard blues rock anymore.

For more information you can contact Matt And The Astronaughts at 513 N. Walnut St; Columbia City, IN 46725.

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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