Triple Zero - "Crypto Sensus"
(Gazul [A division of Musea] 2000, GA 8626.AR, originally released 1985 on AYAA))

From Aural Innovations #11 (July 2000)

Triple Zero is a French trio that plays aggressive instrumental progressive rock that bears a strong resemblance to King Crimson at their most aggressive, but also incorporates Zeuhl and various other avant-progressive influences. The band consists of Vincent Sicot-Vantalon on electronics, and former Shub Niggurath members Edward Perraud on drums and Frank Fromy on bass (though he must be playing guitar as well).

The disc starts off with a driving Crimson jam that is full of whooshing electronics. Perraud's drumming is a powerful force throughout the entire album, keeping the pace intense, and often frenzied, while the deeply thudding bass pounds and the varied keys and synths lay down both razor sharp Frippoid lines and bubbling freaky effects. "Irruption" is a fantastic combination of all the band's Crimson, Zeuhl, and RIO influences. A weird analogy but it's almost like Fripp playing guitar for Present with spaced out synths instead of piano. The spacey electronics mixed with the aggressive music played against a pace set by an impressive and energetic drummer is very much a trademark of Triple Zero's sound.

"Part IV" features some of the best searing electronics on the album, here filling the guitar role, and the synths cut loose like they were whipped up in a storm. The music has a metallic Frippoid edge and Perraud once again leads the way keeping the pace frantic and intense. There's also an untitled bonus track that is very different from the rest of the album. It features much more varied percussion from Perraud, as well as more varied electronics. We hear a bit of techno mania, plus lots of textural synths in the background. There are also bits that are more overtly Crimson than the other tracks, but this is primarily an electronica tune. After several minutes of silence during this 13 minute track the synths start to bubble again, soon joined by percussion which kicks in some wild electro beats that are part tribal, part hip-hop/techno, and driven by start-stop sequenced lines. An interesting tune.

In summary, Triple Zero combine the best of King Crimson with RIO and Zeuhl influences to create highly aggressive instrumental progressive rock that also features a healthy dose of freaky electronica. The result is a fresh and exciting sound that has recognizable influences but is totally Triple Zero's own sound. Highly recommended.

The CD is distributed by Musea Records. They have a link on the main page to distributors around the world.

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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