Notes From Space:

By Jerry Kranitz

From Aural Innovations #11 (July 2000)

Welcome to Aural Innovations second web issue. Since going online in late May we've had nearly 2500 visitors to our site and our daily hit rate is growing steadily. Hopefully the numbers include a good balance of newcomers and those who keep coming back for more. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and I've been thrilled to receive emails from many subscribers to the printed mag who are online after all. I'm also hearing from many people who don't have computers but use the internet at their public libraries. It's good to see community resources providing access and inclusion to anyone who strolls through their doors.

The big announcement is that a few weeks ago we debuted Aural Innovations SpaceRock Radio. The shows are in RealAudio format and can be streamed online or downloaded for listening at your leisure. If you don't have the RealAudio player we've provided an easy link on the radio page where you can download the software for free. So far we've done three shows and I expect we'll be uploading two new shows twice a month. I've got a million ideas for theme shows so every pair of new shows will likely include one theme show and one general playlist. The main focus of the shows will be to provide a forum for the great, mostly little known, bands that we write about in the mag. If you're not already on our email announcements list and want to be notified when new radio shows and new issues go online just drop me an email at and I'll see that you're added.

Once again I want to draw your attention to the great festivals that are happening this Summer. Quarkstock took place right here in Columbus over Memorial Day weekend and a big thanks to Quarkspace for making it happen. Everything was well organized and Thom the World Poet kept the crowd entertained (and involved) between sets. I was ecstatic having all these great bands performing just a couple miles from my home. Thanks also to Nebula Trip for hosting the Mandelbrot sets in Connecticut a few weeks ago too. Aural Innovation was unable to attend so if anyone is interested in doing a writeup of the show please contact me. Coming up... is Strange Daze 2000. See our news page for details on the largest spacerock event in the USA.

We hope you have a good read this issue. Listen to the radio shows. And make sure you check out our mail order catalog and maybe take a chance on some of the goodies we've got. And give us some FEEDBACK!

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