35007 - "s/t" (Stickman Records 1999, CD)

From Aural Innovations #11 (July 2000)

When Jerry told me I'd be getting this CD I thought those numbers meant a zip code (mine is 35055). And I really don't know who the players are because they aren't listed in the liner notes. What I do know is they're from the Netherlands and the music is very interesting. It has a great rockin' stoner style with spacey synths, not unlike Farflung or Pressurehed. The song "Soul Machine" defines the music with its heavy guitar rhythms and spacey keyboards. I was also impressed with "Undo", which has a heavy beat with metallic synths and great headbanging rhythms. This is probably the best song on the CD.

"Vein" features acoustic guitar with psychedelic-spacey electric guitar. Plus they added a lot of percussion which gives the music a heavy sound. "66" is an awesome tune with thumping guitars and synth movements. This really rocks! "Locker" has a slow mellow drone, alternating between heavy and slow moments.

In summary, I wish I knew more about 35007 because these guys know the definition of space/stoner rock. Definitely worth a listen.

You can visit 35007 at their web site.
You can also write the band at PO Box 2089, 5600 CB Eindhoven, Netherlands

Reviewed by Carlo R. DeShouten
506 Ct. 3rd SE
Cullmon, AL 35055

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