Pleromah - "Kukkuu" (Finland 2000)

From Aural Innovations #10 (June 2000)

Plemorah are a Finnish folk rock band consisting of violin (fiddle), two guitars, bass, and drums. This is a seven track demo CD that the band put together during Winter 1999. Tracks 1 and 3 are traditional finnish folk songs reowrked. Track 5 is a blugarian folk song. Reindeer, the 2nd number is quite excellent with almost progressive rock elements to it and some beautiful guitar. It is also one of the few songs with vocals. Track 6 is the track that really did it for me. Finnish space rock. The band really get very spacey on this one. I look forward to hearing more from this band! Great stuff. You can email the band at:

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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