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News For June 2000

From Aural Innovations #10 (June 2000)

STRANGE DAZE 2000 will take place August 11-13 at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park in Nelson, Ohio. Harvey Bainbridge will be there with his solo project Interstellar Chaos. Gong's Daevid Allen will appear with his "University of Errors" psychedelic rock band. Hawkwind's drummer and guitarist Richard Chadwick and Jerry Richards are developing a side project with Cleveland's Steve Taylor on bass and Steve Hayes on keyboards along with Capt. Rizz joining them on vocals. They will debut their new project on the upcoming tour and at SD2000. Plus Alien Planetscapes, Quarkspace, Born to Go, Architectural Metaphor, Bionaut, Nucleon, Einstein's Secret Orchestra, Skye Klad and much more. Thom the World Poet will be there as Master of Ceremonies and so will The Solar Fire LightShow.

Because of the interest expressed in other states plans are in the works to take a healthy slice of SD2000 on the road for about 7-9 gigs in different cities this summer during the 2 weeks prior to SD2000 to adjust your heads and get them prepared for the SD2000 SpaceRock Festival! Some of the cities we are looking into are Minneapolis, MN - Milwaukee, WI - Chicago, IL - Indianapolis, IN - Rochester, NY - Boston, MA - New York, NY and Philadelphia, PA before ending up at SD2000 in Nelson, Ohio. THE SD2000 TRAVELING OUTERSPACE SPECTACULAR will feature the new project fronted by CHADWICK and RICHARDS along with HARVEY BAINBRIDGE's "Interstellar Chaos" and THE SOLAR FIRE LIGHTSHOW! We will be complimenting this line up in the different cities with bands living nearest to these gigs that have supported us in the past. Dates are to be announced soon, if all goes as planned!

TICKETS ARE ONLY $60 FOR THE WEEKEND!! GET THEM NOW!! For the latest info and to purchase tickets visit http://www.strange-trips.com.

The Quarkstock 2000 SpaceRock and Avant-Prog Festival hosted by space greats Quarkspace took place in Columbus, OH on Memorial Day weekend. About 100 space fans (few of which were from Columbus) turned out for what was said by many to have been the best performances ever by Alien Planetscapes, Born to Go, Escapade, French TV, Architectural Metaphor, Quarkspace, Dark Aether Project, and Tombstone Valentine. Full coverage and photo gallery will appear in the July issue of Aural Innovations.

The Mandelbrot Sets: A SpaceRock Festival will take place June 30-July 1/2000 in East Hartford, CT. The festival lineup includes Alien Planetscapes, Architectural Metaphor, Born to Go, Canis Minor, Circle of Karma, Dark Aether Project, Das Ludicroix, Escapade, Ludent Tremmel's Gno, Oranj Climax, Quarkspace, Sloterdijk, and visual effects presented by Optical Delusions. For more information go to http://www.nebulatrip.com/festival.html.

New Jersey spacerocker Canis Minor have organized Julia's Dream - An Evening of Space Rock to be held Friday July 7th at 8pm at the Morrill Theater, Nesconset, 127-6 Smithtown Blvd, (631) 979-5942. The lineup is Sloterdijk, Canis Minor, Dark Aether Project, Quarkspace and Nebula Trip, and includes light show, computer graphics projections, and comfortable theater seating. $15 at the door, 18+ admitted. For more information visit http://www.canis-minor.com.

Cydonia Region have completely revamped their web site with full info on the band, chat room, and more. Check them out at http://marshead.com.

The Hawkwind book by Adrian Parr is finally nearing completion. The contents will contain a comprehensive history of the band from 1969 to Spring 2000, key album recordings, fanzines and website network, disc and memorabilia, colour galleries and a selection of photos. The book will weigh in at around 370 pages. Keep your eyes on http://www.conifersclose.freeserve.co.uk/hawkwind_chrons.html for the latest information.

The first two releases on Denmark's Burnt Hippie Recordings are available now. The Dark Sun - "Ice Ritual" disc is an LP-only release and limited to 300 numbered copies on 220 gram vinyl. This is Dark Sun performing live in Finland with Nik Tuner. The track listings are Sonic Attack, Watching the grass Grow, Psychedelic Warlords, Kadu Flyer, Utopia 84', D-Rider, The Right Stuff, Master of the Universe, Assault and Battery, The Golden Void, Brainstorm, Hassan I Sabha, and Silver Machine. The second is also a 300 LP limited edition by Danish psych rockers On Trial and is called "Psychedelic Freakout Part. Aural Innovations has a handful of copies of the Dark Sun LP for those of you in the USA/Canada. Otherwise email burnthippie@hotmail.com.

The Spaceship Eyes third release is tentatively scheduled for July/August release on Cleopatra's Hypnotic label. It includes a special Spaceship Eyes/Spice Barons track, three vocal pieces, and more guitar than usual -- courtesy of David James (Thessalonians, ex-Spearhead), Doug Erickson (formerly of New Sun) and newcomer Jerry Jeter (who also sings lead vocals on one track and is working on a new vocal oriented project with Don Falcone). Violinist Doug Pearson also guests on one track. Visit the Spaceship Eyes web site at http://home.earthlink.net/~falcone/sse.html for the latest information.

UFO #6: SUMMER SOLSTICE New Rave Planet Music Exposition will take place June 23-25 at the Lotherlorien Nature Sanctuary in Bloomington, IN. Scheduled bands include National Steam, Greenfire, Might As Well, Porno Pimp Dads, Hillbilly Cats, Bono PI, Nada Brahma III, Woven Dreams, Bombardiers, Jade Dragon, Angelle, Andrew Van Dam, and Tricia's Treasure Chest Of Fairies. There will also be drum circles, workshops, can vendors. For more information visit http://www.elflore.org or http://www.kiva.net/~websage.

Latest news from the Pseudo Sun HQ: Pseudo Sun will play at the 4th North German Hawk Fan Festival in Hamburg/Harburg on the 16th of June. Pseudo Sun has also contributed one track to a tribute album to Grand Funk Railroad. The track is "Into The Sun" with Nik Turner guesting on saxophone. The album will be released later this year. Pseudo Sun are also in the studio recording new material.

The new Porcupine Tree CD entitled "Lightbulb Sun" on K Scope Records should hit record stores on May 22nd.

SPACE RADIO, after spending the month of April in the #1 radio station spot at mp3.com, has now become it's own domain, SPACERADIO.FM. The new domain is just in it's infancy. More variety and channels will soon be appearing. SPACE RADIO can be heard http://stations.mp3s.com/stations/0/space_radio.html or http://spaceradio.fm/

New from Zzaj Productions: "Where Shadows Speak" features Ernesto Diaz-Infante and Rotcod Zzaj on this grand spoken-word CD that Raging Smolder Music Review called an "intriguing psychological realm of introspection and wonder". Please view more information & reviews for this (& many other significant) offerings at http://users.tm.net/rotcod/cds.htm.

UK indie label Stone Premonitions now has its own internet radio show on Supanova entitled "Alchemical Radio". To hear this and MANY other great space/psych radio shows visit the Supanova site at http://www.supanovaradio.co.uk/.

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