Alan "The Elf" Davey - "Chaos Delight"
(Black Widow 2000, BWRCD 033-2)

From Aural Innovations #10 (June 2000)

The latest from Alan Davey is a collection of eight kick ass spacerockin' instrumentals that pay tribute to science fiction, particularly sci fi television if the photos and credits are any indication. Davey plays all the instruments and the album is overall similar to "Captured Rotation", except this new one rocks much harder throughout.

Listening to these tunes I could easily see Davey launching a successful career doing sci fi soundtracks, and an obvious tribute to 60's sci fi shows, "Theme From U.F.O." has the obligatory catchy melody that a TV show would require while still being a cool spacerock track. "Eagle Alfa" has a similarly memorable melody and is very much in the sci fi theme mold. Other tracks like "Sci-Fi-Delic", "Interceptor", and "Assimilation" are great rockers with synths and sequencers bubbling about. But there are also quieter moments like "Vulcan Ritual", "Holosuite Program", and "S.I.O." which serve as brief moments of exploration before revving up the engines once again.

In summary, while this is by no means some monstrous breakthrough album it's certainly a fun spacerock set of the most potent variety and is sure to please all Hawk heads. It also comes with a 12-page comic book that has really nice artwork, though I can't say I was able to follow the story (if there is one).

For more information you can visit the Black Widow web site.

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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