The following was performed by Billy "Captain America" Capozzi with Canis Minor at the Strange Daze '99 SpaceRock Festival.

By Billy "Captain America" Capozzi

From Aural Innovations #10 (June 2000)

Higher and higher! and, higher!
We'll pass on to the Second Heaven
The Starry big Heaven, and view the flying stars
and, dashing meteors
And then pass on by Mars and Mercury, and Jupitor and Venus
And Saturn and Uranus, and Neptune with her four glittering
moons. - Rev. A.W.Nix/1927 from The White Flyer To Heaven.

The Native Alien

to be comfortable in whatever "where"
to be happier than right before
to be more
to be more
to be more

i have been earth
i have been fire
i have been wind

i am!!

i have been solid
i have been gases
i have been liquid

i am!!
you are
with all

the universal soldiers
thin warriors undisguised
our lives
our passages
our songs
have been real

and, most important
our interpretations, up to now, and, including now
have been correct

may i inject
and, solidify

night after night after night

may our fourth sights
be lived to tell

we have been through heaven, we have been through
fallen just to yell /
fallen just to yell / YEAH!

native aliens

windless chatter in the air
spoken with silent lips
stripped naked for the world to see

the real you
the real me
tiny pyramids in the sea
cosmic forces
the cosmic dance

set to rhythms
and solemn chants

a festival of light
of sound

desired now
a frantic feel

nonviolent chaos
is the deal

the deal

nonviolent chaos
is the deal

you feel the feelings that others don't feel

children of the sun
no longer on the run

forming their own race
one that's been for ever forming
in this mystic sea called evolution
lies the solutions
lies the solutions
lies the solutions

hear us now

music music music
use it use it use it

native aliens
the stars/Sun Ra
hipper than now
native aliens

--Thursday, 10 June, 1999

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